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Quinta, 22 Mar 2018

Core Consultant Course (Siebel 8.0)

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·         Administrador de Banco de Dados

·         Consultor Técnico


Objetivos do Curso:

·         Install software to set up a Siebel enterprise

·         Describe the Siebel application architecture

·         Migrate data between environments

·         Navigate the Siebel application user interface

·         Secure access to Siebel applications and data

·         Automate business processes in a Siebel application

·         Configure a Siebel application to meet a company's business requirements

·         Create a catalog with restricted access

·         Create a company structure

·         Implement business process automation to support a company's business processes

·         Import legacy corporate data


Tópicos do Curso:

Using Siebel CRM

·         Understanding Siebel Applications

·         Navigating Siebel Applications

·         Working with Siebel Data

Controlling Access to Data

·         Responsibilities and Views

·         Users, Positions, and Organizations

·         Implementing the Company Structure

·         Controlling Access to Customer Data

·         Controlling Access to Master Data

The Siebel Web Architecture

·         The Siebel Web Client

·         The Siebel Enterprise

·         The Siebel Gateway Name Server

·         The Siebel Server

·         The Siebel Web Server Extension

·         The Siebel File-system

·         The Siebel Database Server

Managing the Siebel Enterprise

·         Components and Parameters

·         Server Management

Siebel Client Types

·         The Siebel Web Client

·         The Siebel Mobile Web Client

·         The Siebel Wireless Web Client

·         The Siebel Handheld Client

·         The Siebel Developer Web Client

Installation and Security

·         Securing Access to the Application

·         Installing Siebel Applications

The Siebel Application Architecture

·         Siebel Object Types and Object Definitions

·         The Siebel Data Model

·         Business Components

·         Party Business Components

·         Business Objects

Configuring Siebel Applications

·         Configuration Strategy

·         Setting Up a Developer

·         Managing Object Definitions

·         Configuring User Interface Objects

·         Configuring Business Layer Objects

·         Configuring Data Layer Objects

Automating Business Processes

·         Siebel Business Services

·         Building and Testing Siebel Workflows

·         Deploying and Invoking Siebel Workflows

·         The Task UI

·         Creating a Task

·         Siebel Business Rules

·         Creating Siebel Business Rules

Assignment Manager

·         Assignment Rules

·         Tailoring Assignments

·         Invoking Assignment Manager

Data Integration

·         Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager

·         Creating Data Maps

·         Running Enterprise Integration Manager

Application Deployment Manager

·         Introducing Application Deployment Manager

·         Deploying Application Customizations

Case Study: Installing the Siebel Application

·         Installing the Siebel Gateway and Enterprise

·         Installing the Siebel Server

·         Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension

·         Installing Siebel Tools

Case Study: Importing Legacy Data

·         Performing Data Mapping

·         Creating Import Configuration (.ifb) Files

·         Running Import Jobs

·         Administering Imported Data

Case Study: Configuring Siebel Applications

·         Configuring a Siebel Application to Meet Case Study Business Requirements

Case Study: Implementing Business Process Automation

·         Implementing Business Process Automations to Meet Case Study Business Requirements



Duração: 15 Dias

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